Leon Remidy AKA Remidy MC has had a keen interest in Jungle and drum&bass since the turn of the millennium, his passion started after being introduced to rave tape packs by elders and peers and taken to raves in the depths of Birmingham not far from his home town of Worcester. He was amazed by the unique sounds he was hearing both from the tunes and the vocal side of things and the culture that followed it.

Like many young ravers and jungle and drum&bass fans influenced by legends such as MC GQ, SP MC,  MC CONRAD and THE RAGGA TWINS  he set about trying to contribute to the scene by picking up the microphone and writing some vocals of his own, he also bought turntables and started learning to mix to understand all aspects of the scene and the whole package of drum&bass became an intense hobby. As the passion for the music continued so did the work put in to creating his own vocals and vocal sound for the genre.

2006 saw Remidy MC pick up his first sizable gigs mc’ing for the likes of ZINC, GROOVERIDER, HYPE, BARON, KENNY KEN to name a few, This gave the confidence and reassurance that the hard work was paying off and ravers were feeling his style, with more hard work he made a more sizable contribution to the music he had so much passion for. 2007 gave Remidy a handful of resident slots in Cardiff, Bristol, Birmingham and Southampton

after moving to Bristol in 2008 Remidy MC was being recognized as a solid versatile host and crowd pleasing vocalist, picked up by all the promotions and movements that mattered he soon engraved himself in the prolific world-famous Drum&bass Bristol scene.

In 2009/2010 Remidy also found himself with many UK festival bookings to add to his credentials such as GLASTONBURY, BOARDMASTERS and BESTIVAL hosting for such acts as HIGH CONTRAST, STANTON WARRIORS, LONDON ELEKTRICITY and NERO to name a few.

Also by mid 2010 he had become resident mc and had regular features at huge nights such as RUN, SHIT THE BED, HOSPITALITY, BEDLAM, CRITICAL, SHOGUN AUDIO, METALHEADZ BRISTOL, AUTOPSY, HORIZONS,  and CARBON to name a few, he also featured in ATM magazines ‘Leaders of the new skool’ which struck up even more interest with bookings and exposure.

Remidy MC finally found his niche in the darker/deep and more tech side of things as the sub genres of the scene grew in different directions, he soon monopolized the market for deeper mc’s in the west and south with his original, thoughtful and hard-hitting complimentary vocal styles and 2011 saw Remidy picked up by the kings of the dark drum and bass RENEGADE HARDWARE and THERAPY SESSIONS.

Now in 2012  Remidy MC is busier than ever at all the movements and promotions that matter all over the UK and even further afield he also has side projects in metal bands as a vocalist and front man. He has become and remains a respected and inspirational figure in the new generation of drum&bass hosts, with a true understanding for what is required at a drum&bass show and a solid positive attitude has put Remidy in an optimistic position to progress even further.

words by D. Summers of venue magazine


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